6mm Hand Painted Plastic Safety Eyes- Pack of 5 Pairs

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After years of being asked where I get my safety eyes, I thought it was about time I started offering them in my shop! Safety eyes are the perfect addition to any amigurumi and can give your toy loads personality!

I’ve recently fallen in love with hand painting my own safety eyes and many of you on Instagram have voiced interest! I’m so excited to offer these unique and one of a kind painted eyes! I can’t wait to see your amis with these!

Please read each description carefully before choosing which pack you’d like to purchase!

Each pack comes with 5 pairs of 6mm hand painted plastic safety eyes, that's 10 eye pieces + 10 metal washers! These are one of a kind and not all safety eyes will look the same!

Click through the photos to see what the eyes look like.

Pack 1- Solid Glitter (1 Pair of each color: Red, Gold, Green, Blue and Purple)

Pack 2- Neon (1 Pair of each color: Pink, Orange, Lime Green, Purple, Glow in the Dark)

Pack 3- Mystery (Will come with a variety of neon and solid glitter)

Pack 4- One of a Kind Glitter Mystery (These are unique glitter eyes. No two pairs will look the same! Colors range from Purple+Green, Red+Gold, Green+Blue, etc. )  

These eyes are painted to order so no two pairs will ever look the same!

 If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form found here.


Safety eyes are not meant for children under the age of 3. Please use caution and supervision when using these around small children.